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How to Live in Your Purpose the Right Way

Have you ever seen a flower attempting to grow like a tree? Or an ocean trying to grow like a forest?

Silly, huh?

Creation was formed with purposeful intentions, uniquely fashioned with the necessary resources to fulfil its purpose. After which, mankind was created, fearfully and wonderfully in the likeness of God’s image. Man and woman-created multidimensionally having flesh, soul and a spirit were gifted free will to live as they so choose. Like creation, we were created with a purpose, and gifted with resources to fulfil our purpose. The difference between mankind and creation is that our multidimensional being must surrender to our purpose to yield an intentional life.

Let us take a step back and examine a tree and its contribution to human life. Overall, trees serve the purpose of serving mankind, the atmosphere and animals. Through the process of photosynthesis, trees produce oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide and water which is converted into oxygen by the suns’ energy. Trees have the appropriate properties to photosynthesize, so serving mankind, the atmosphere and animals becomes a trees second nature because giving the gift of photosynthesis is a priority.

Our perfect creator has aligned our purpose with our gifts. Like trees, our gifts will help us fulfil our purpose. If your purpose is to teach children, you would be a gifted teacher. Could you imagine having the purpose of teaching children but not being a gifted teacher? That makes no sense!

Most often, unhappy people are those who are not living in their purpose or utilizing their gifts. Have you ever received a gift and never opened it? An unopened gift cannot reveal the glory of the giver. When you utilize your gifts you’ll reveal the glory of the giver and your purpose. As you utilize your gifts, you’ll also unleash talents you never thought you had. What an amazing journey.

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