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Meet Andrea Jackson

Certified Christian Life Coach

& Confidence Expert

Hey Queen,

I’m Andrea Jackson, a certified Christian Life Coach who specializes in helping Christian enhance their relationship with God, women achieve their goals, and reclaim their vision, clarity, confidence, and self-esteem with my signature coaching program. 

Building self-esteem and confidence through Christ has changed my life! That’s why I became a Life Coach-because I realized so many Christian women need help healing from their past to create a positive future and mindset, while improving their relationship with God, confidence and self-esteem so they can create a strategic, godly plan to live life in abundance and to its fullest.

I’ve struggled with low-confidence and self-esteem and have had difficulty balancing life. I remember being so unhappy, stuck, and negative that I didn’t see a way out. I was so complacent! Because I woke up every day unhappy, went to sleep every night unhappy, the enemy constantly told me this was the way my life would remain. I lost sight of Christ's purpose for my life and had no idea how I could be victorious-because my mindset was negative, and I lost hope for a better life. 

One day, I became sick and tired of being unhappy. Through Christ, prayer, supplication, fasting and meditation, I began the process of self-forgiveness and healing. I gained strength, through Christ to heal from my negative mindset that held me captive. When I agreed with God concerning what He said about me, I began living mindfully and intentionally in my purpose with my God-given gifts, talents, and abilities. I gave myself permission to be happy, because God gave me permission to be happy!

Building confidence in Christ helped me:

  • Stop feeling sorry for myself

  • Live in my purpose

  • End toxic relationships

  • Have a positive mindset

  • Stop abusive internal dialogue

  • And so much more!


Today, I live a confident, abundant life in Christ, adorned with grace, crowned with appreciation and gratitude for the respect and dignity I have for myself. If I can overcome, so can you!

In His Service,

Andrea Jackson

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