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3 Creative Ways to Heal Your Mind

Healing is absolutely attainment, very imperative for the mind. Our soul, composed of the heart and mind can break, causing devastation and potential long lasting affects. People, situations, circumstances, challenges, roadblocks, so on and so forth can injure the soul, often times without fair warning. In these detrimental times, healing the mind seems almost impossible as the mind tends to focus on its current reality. I’m here to tell you that mind healing and restoration is achievable, if you open your heart and mind to receive. Here’s how:

1. Self forgiveness

Even if you you weren’t at fault, forgiving yourself will free you of the underlying guilt and shame we formulate when we go through the storms of life. Self forgiveness is so powerful! Our minds release negativity and accept the refresh of a new beginning. Also, our thought processes, feelings and emotions alter when we recall the moments that require forgiveness.

2. Prayer & Meditation

Wondering why I listed this second? Self forgiveness boosts our confidence and frees up the mind. Prayer and meditation does not require a clear mind or confidence but it surely maximizes our efforts! Personally, I believe it’s easier to ask for forgiveness during prayer if I’ve first forgiven myself. Meditation will you allow you the space and opportunity to reflect, recharge and prayer will renew and restore your mind.

3. Self Care Day

When was the last time you took yourself on a date? Spending time alone, free from the cares of life will aid in healing your mind. In these solemn moments, the remnants of mind destruction can heal. When alone, our minds have a tendency to clear and rejuvenate. I’ve gotten in the habit of practicing self care often to proactively guard my mind from the overwhelming overload of life. I believe if you regularly practice self care you’ll strengthen your mind and willpower to safeguard yourself.

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