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Beginners Guide: 3 Steps to a Healthy Self-Confidence

Spend some time alone

Without the presence of others, we must face ourselves. Spending time alone will free you of the pressure of being defined by others. During these quiet moments, you will find that serenity lies within absent from the chaos of life.

In the absence of chaos is the pure, honest truth. This is why it’s so important to have alone time. When you’re by yourself, the essence of who you are must be confronted by reality. Whatever your mood, mindset or attitude becomes full reality when you’re alone and acceptance takes precedence.

During these moments you’ll find that you are more beautiful than you think, stronger than your weighed strength and more precious than silver and gold. These defining moments will help you gain a healthy self confidence.

Journal Your Accomplishments

Journaling has so many benefits, particularly the ability to reference your accomplishments. Whether you arrive to work on time, practice self care, eat healthy meals or exercise during the day, these are great accomplishments that ought to be documented.

If you do not document your daily accomplishments, who will?

Oftentimes, successful people are confident. Though we all define success differently, documenting such will help you take steps to gaining more confidence in the work you perform daily.

Daily Affirmations

Humans have a habit of creating habits. Daily affirmations cause our minds to respond to the declarations we proclaim. In weak moments, when you proclaim you are strong, your heart and mind subconsciously respond…how amazing is that?

Have you ever thought, “I can’t do this” in the middle of a workout? I have. Then I began to affirm that I can make it, I can finish this, I can push through and before I know it, I’ve completed my workout.

Daily affirmations, over time will not only make you gain confidence but will also boost your self esteem-try it for yourself!

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